Honda CBR600 F1 F2 3 ohm Dyna Performance Ignition Coils & Taylor Leads. Red

This is a complete package of performance coils and ignition leads and long reach moulded plug caps.. Consisting of Dyna 3 ohm , twin outlet hi voltage coils and Taylor, 8mm USA , factory assembled performance ignition leads with long reach Factory assembled matched moulded plug caps. These type of Taylor leads are suitable for

Dyna 2000 CDI Ignition Coils Wires Kit Honda CBR600F CBR 600F 600 87 88 89 90 91

Dyna 2000 CDI Ignition + Coil + Spark Plug Wires Kit. (1987, 1988, 1989, 1990). Part Number: DDK1-6 + DC1-2 + DW-800. The Dyna 2000 Digital Performance Ignition for four cylinder engines represents a breakthrough in motorcycle ignition flexibility. The Dyna 2000 system consists of a state of the art microprocessor controlled ignition module along